Ronil Patel

Director of Business Development

Ronil currently serves as the Director of Business Development for Oculos. He is also the Director of Business Development for  OSD Innovations LLC. OSD Innovations and it’s CRO partner-Oculos currently offer biomarker based clinical trials for products designed to treat Dry Eye Syndrome and other Ocular Surface Diseases. Prior to joining Pointguard Partners, Ronil worked in research and development labs in the area of Drug discovery & Drug delivery. His research has been published in peer-reviewed Journals. He has vast knowledge and hands-on expertise in molecular biology, biochemistry and animal models for drug discovery and delivery. He managed multiple projects that involved developing small molecule inhibitors for Rho kinase, Proteasome, Stat3, JAK and Aurora kinase and has a thorough understanding of Signal Transduction pathways. Ronil has a Masters of Technology and a Masters of Science degree in Biotechnology.